AXP Brother Database

The Delta Phi Chapter of Alpha Chi Rho was founded at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute on October 23, 1948. Since that time, 823 Brothers have been initiated into the chapter. Like many fraternal organizations, our chapter has adopted the practice of giving each new member a Big Brother, who helps the new member as he adapts to fraternity life, as well as college life in general. The Brothers take pride in their history, and Big Brothers are traced back to their Big Brothers, and so forth, until extensive lineages are memorized. Unfortunately, as the undergraduate chapter has a complete turnover in membership every four or five years, this information is often lost or dispersed. This website is an attempt to record all of the chapter's lineage information in one easily accessible database.

There is still a lot of information left to find. There are 240 Brothers whose Big Brothers are not recorded. The database also holds information on pledge classes, which has been recorded for only a fraction of the Brothers. If you have any information that can help, please let me know.

This database is maintained by Gregory King. Contact information for the Brothers will not be provided on this site.